2017 is quickly coming to the end of the year.  Can you honestly say you've done your absolute best to get your book the audience of potential buyers that it deserves?


Our author and book promo service began in 2011. With over 20 years in the direct response business, we knew how to market books, infomercial products, exercise equipment, weight loss products and everything in between.

Every single product and service is unique and our marketing plan reflected this each and every time.

We discovered that book buyers responded to our marketing plans.

Free Kindle book sales skyrocketed and Kindle Scout authors also saw response.

Of course, we aren't wizards or miracle workers.  Occasionally, a book doesn't see the lift that is common with others.

Are you selling as many books as you'd like each month?

Did you reach your goal of publishing your book and now are unsure regarding a marketing plan?

Did you know that your marketing plan should change each quarter? 

As authors, we all have high hopes that our book will make sale after sale but the hard truth is - we MUST TAKE ACTION FIRST.



We're a top marketing service for independent authors and tshirt sellers.

We love what we do - our day revolves around building successful author promotions.

We zone in on your EXACT MARKETING NEEDS - every campaign is different.

We promote hundreds of books and tees each month for our clients from starting budgets to full campaign rollout.

Our own hand grown social media platform has the ability to reach thousands of potential book buyers. 

Our carefully managed Pinterest platform is verified and highly active.

Our carefully crafted Kindle Scout promotions boost rankings and even create winners.

We know how to bring qualified traffic to your book and tee.  No bots, no junk - we promote to people who have been proven to buy books, respond to KDP free offers and buy tees.

There are countless offers online offering to promote to millions but who are those millions? 

Unfortunately, most times they are offshore, sometimes even phony accounts. It is senseless to spend money on marketing to people in China or people who are posting get rich quick schemes on a Facebook page.

What good are these posts to your book or tee? Unfortunately, they are simply a waste of your money or worse yet, putting your book in front of possible piracy pros who scoop up your book, knock it off and resell or worse yet, offer it as free to capture the email addresses of unwitting people who are then spammed - and even worse, they think it is from you as they downloaded what they thought was a free copy of your book.  We've seen the scams and they are growing daily.

The key to effective marketing is to find quality, established social media platforms with a  proven track record of selling books  and tees to subscribers and contacts.   Ideally, these people share your offer and tel others about it. This is an area we have mastered.

We have hand built our social media platforms and are always working to add more qualified contacts to our platforms.

We're marketers with over 25 years in the trenches of copy writing, promotion and selling. 

The people that we market to are REAL PEOPLE not fake profiles.

Our contacts have been proven to buy books as a result of our carefully crafted messages.


You've worked hard to write, edit and publish your book.   

Sales will not happen if you don't market. 

Daily, we receive messages asking us for marketing help.

Marketing is often the hardest part of being an entrepreneur and it is definitely a time consuming task.

Today, there are very simple steps that you can take that will put your book or tee in front of a lot of potential buyers.

Below are some of our most popular options and best of all, they are PROVEN AND TESTED options that we know, with certainty, work.  Of course, we can't promise sales to everyone as let's face it, there are countless factors involved including content, cover and price.  But we do have numerous repeat clients each and every month as our promotions do produce results.


We've discovered the power of Pinterest when it comes to creating awareness and selling.  

We will pin your pin to our wildly crazy popular Pinterest board that contains several book related boards and the top trending boards that draw in traffic daily.

Did you know that Pinterest has over 70 MILLION users and they are proven to be BUYERS??

Did you know that Pinterest drives book sales and interest in books?   It also sells, efficiently sells, other things including tees and other products.

Along with our super affordable Pinterest promotion we also build custom Pinterest boards for authors and others.

Get on the fast track to book buyer traffic with Pinterest.


With 30k contacts, we have a very established Linked In account that drives traffic. 

Linked In puts your book in front of 30,000 contacts PLUS all the contacts of the 30,000 who may see your  promotion.

We write the copy - to draw interest and entice clicks, we keep the copy short. 

We also include your book cover image to draw eyes and clicks.

Our LINKED IN account has been hand built over the years and attracts attention.  While we never promise sales - we know from personal experience that this account produces sales.  



One of our Kindle Scout clients contacted us to let us know her book was selected. 

We had worked with her for 30 days to drive traffic and nominations.  Seeing her success was a wonderful feeling as we saw the effort that we had put into her project pay off for her.

Since that success story, we have helped several Kindle Scout authors achieve successful campaigns.

If you are a Kindle Scout nominated author - Congrats!

Needless to say, the million dollar question is how to get as many nominations as possible in 30 days. 

We can help you boost your nominations with our affordable Kindle Scout promo.

It is crucial to take action immediately if you are a Kindle Scout nominee - do not wait. You need to utilize evey day of the 30 days.


We offer several introductory options - see below  - for as little as 5 to 20 dollars. These options give you a nice sample of how we work and the quality of our services.

We invite you to begin working with us and let us utilize our proven strategies to boost your book's traffic.  When you're ready, we also offer larger packages that are custom created to drive quality traffic.
Book marketing does cost money.  If you feel you can't afford to spend a hundred or more a month to market, then at least do something and start with a $20 dollar plan.

If you want to be successful as an author - you need to take action now before another year flies by.

Book Promotions start for as little as $5 to $20

Click here for more info on the Pinterest promo

Click here for more info on the Linked In promo  

Click here for more info on the Kindle Scout promo

Click here for more info on our KDP Free Day Promo

If you've read this far - don't wait another day.  Get your book in front of thousands of possible book buyers. 

Let us get your book on Pinterest TODAY.  From creating a pin for you to consulting with you regarding Pinterest, we have numerous affordable options to help you market your book.

By this time tomorrow, thousands of people may be aware of your book and many of those people may quickly Google your name or your book's title. 

Be ready to create sales by ensuring you have the best marketing and also come up in online search in a way that entice people to purchase.

You CAN see more sales but you need to step into the marketing arena first. 

Many people are swayed by pricey sales packages - pricey doesn't automatically mean better. 

Our options are affordable and priced so that pretty much anyone can start marketing today- it just takes 20 dollars, the cost of 4 lattes at Starbucks, the cost of a couple fast food meals, the cost of a bottle or two of nail polish - and it may turn into sales.  You've come this far, let us help you market so you can focus on your next book.

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